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Ana Murmur 

As a product designer, objects, particularly furniture, were always present in Ana's learning and professional activity.

When Álvaro Siza refers to the imprecise limits of design, in his book Imaginar a evidência (Imagining Evidence), he states that “Furniture design, for example, can not be abstracted from the concept of the space to which it belongs.” On this remark, and aware of the evidence about the capacity of objects create and define space, Ana's interest in deepening this relationship between the two becomes clear.


Murmur, more than a whisper, the pleasant sound of a word or an idea, aiming to reflect on the nature of objects.


We privilege the hand-crafted of single piece, made from noble materials and excellently finished, in limited series, as a means to preserve design and promote continuous creation.


Murmur's work are an example of a continuous search for and development of ideas. Project quality and production technique enhance the value of the final product. The resulting excellent pieces give life to the living space in harmony with the daily demands of being and living in the contemporary environment.

Murmur store / Oporto / 2007-2012

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